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Revolutionize Marketing Campaigns

Revolutionize your campaign management with Martonomy Solutions, the ultimate solution (Patent Pending) for creating and controlling campaign taxonomy. Say goodbye to the tedious process of building taxonomies in Excel and reduce human error with our intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

Martonomy solutions dashboard

What can you achieve


01. Standard Taxonomy

Intuitive interface, drag-and-drop setup for teams, segments, and aligned campaign names. No more Excel - effortless management.

02. Seamless Integration

Download reports for any system, ensuring autonomy. Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Core products. Manage campaign taxonomy with ease.

03. Streamline Process

Martonomy automates campaign taxonomy, minimizing errors & saving time. Built-in approval system ensures correct campaign names. Streamline your process with Martonomy.

Martonomy solutions Dashboard

Elevate Marketing Operations

Our mission is to help you transform your business by creating custom solutions that are tailored to your needs. Whether you need a new app, an update to an existing one, or ongoing support, we are here to help. Contact us for a demo today.


Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Core CRM platorm and Health Cloud. Manage campaign taxonomy with ease.

Martonomy solutions logo showing integrated campaigns


Flexible plans to match your business needs


For Individuals


Per Month


30 day free trial

1 Membership

1K Campaigns

Free On-boarding


For Teams


Per Month



30 day free trial

3 Membership

5K Campaigns

Free On-boarding


For Enterprises


Per Month



30 day free trial

Unlimited Membership

Unlimited Campaigns

Free On-boarding


About Us

Mar Dat

Martonomy is developed by Mar Dat. Mar Dat offers the data-driven marketing technology expertise every enterprise team needs. We get right to work drawing insights from your data, crafting marketing strategies that earn returns, and empowering your team to actually use your expensive B2B SaaS subscriptions. As a boutique consultancy, we’re able to dive deep and solve complex marketing problems from the inside out. We work with VP Marketing and CMO clients, helping teams transform tangled tools and disorganized data into a well-oiled marketing machine.

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