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Making the Most of Powerful Data

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VillageMD delivers daily on a pretty significant mission — bringing comprehensive medical care to patients, in partnership with personal primary care providers and vast healthcare systems.


The organization found itself struggling, however, with data management and systems integration. Unfortunately, it wasn’t effectively leveraging customer data to inform marketing strategies, and it wasn’t making the most of customer engagement opportunities.


What’s more, a number of mergers and acquisitions eventually led to a collection of disparate Electronic Health Record systems. Blaze DiStefano, VillageMD Head of Digital Marketing, knew the value of Salesforce solutions. He recognized the strategic advantages Salesforce could bring to the organization across their suite of Marketing Cloud products (VillageMD spends over $100 million with Salesforce); DiStefano also knew that Salesforce could provide the perfect balance of functionality, cost-effectiveness, and strategic alignment VillageMD needed.


Enter Mar Dat. The partner solutions provider quickly proposed a suite of Salesforce solutions tailored to VillageMD’s unique needs, including implementation of Salesforce’s Data Management Platform (DMP), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Personalization (formerly known as Interaction Studio), and Account Engagement (formerly Pardot).
“Beyond implementation and managed services, we collaborated with (VillageMD subsidiary). Summit Health’s agency partner to manage the TradeDesk execution of their programmatic campaigns within the DMP,” says Love Hudson-Maggio, CEO and founder of Mar Dat. “This ensured a seamless integration of strategies and campaigns across platforms.” To further enhance Summit Health’s data analysis capabilities, Mar Dat also developed custom dashboards to leverage TradeDesk data, providing Summit Health with even more key insights. “To enhance the effectiveness of integrated campaigns, we recommended the use of B2B Marketing Analytics and Account Engagement reports,” Hudson-Maggio continues. “Through this phased approach, we aimed to enhance customer engagement, improve marketing effectiveness, and deliver personalized experiences for Summit Health, driving significant business value.”



Mar Dat Delivered on Salesforce Promise for Village MD, yielding significant improvements in performance and efficiency for VillageMD, delivering a clear business value and transforming the way it interacted with patients.

“By utilizing first-party data targeting, we successfully engaged quality users visiting the Summit Health site. The robust data capture in the DMP enabled us to identify and test different audiences,” Chang explains. “In Q1 of 2023, our implementation of Salesforce’s Account Engagement for Summit Health resulted in remarkable improvements in email marketing metrics,” says Hudson-Maggio. “We achieved a 51% increase in email open rates and an impressive 423% boost in click-through
rates, leading to a 473% rise in the click-to-open rate. “Moreover, we surpassed healthcare benchmarks by 3% in delivery rate, 71% in open rate, and 45% in click-through rate. These outstanding results enhanced customer engagement and
provided Summit Health with a competitive edge in the healthcare sector.” Mar Dat’s work with Summit Health was featured in keynotes at two major Salesforce events: Dreamforce 2022 and Connections June 2023 - Chicago. These presentations, delivered by Summit Health, highlight the success of just one valuable partnership, and the impact of
Salesforce solutions. “We continue to drive success for our clients through innovative solutions and strategic
partnerships,” says Hudson-Maggio. “We strive to ensure our clients extract ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) from their Salesforce investments by delivering metric-rich executable use cases, organically aligned roadmaps, and well-documented process flows.” 


To learn more about how Mar Dat can help you achieve similar results, visit, or email

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